Who Are The Jedi

jediThe Jedi are a group of warrior monks that play a central role in the Stars Wars film series. Their primary role is to maintain order and peace in the Galactic Republic. They are skilled in a number of mental disciplines should as thought domination and psychokinesis. This enables them to command people to do their bidding against their will. Although this sounds quite chilling, their powers are only used for the forces of good, and to maintain a peaceful existence between the different races in the Republic, which keeps the force in balance. They are also be able to get a sense of what will happen next, before it actually happens. They are also able to sense the presence of another Jedi nearby, even when their identity is being hidden.

Jedi warriors are trained from a young age and the first step in this training is to become a Padawan Learner. They are taken away from their parents when they are still babies, and raised as a group with other recruits. Initial trials take place around the age of thirteen, and those that pass these trials become Padawans. This phase of the training process can last between ten and twenty years until they are deemed worthy to begin the next set of trials in order to become a Jedi Knight. Once this has been achieved, they are expected to take on a Padawan of their own and to help them reach the status of Jedi Knight.

In order to fully complete the process of becoming a Jedi Knight, it is required that the Jedi constructs his own lightsaber. Jedi’s who have crossed over to the dark side will have a lightsaber that is red, whereas those that are fighting for good will have a green light. Lightsabers are more elegant to use and require a good degree of skill, which makes them a more effective weapon than the blasters which are used by the Stormtroopers. A Jedi will only use their lightsaber to defend themselves against an attack.